What Are the Environmental Benefits of Auto Recycling

The process of auto recycling is one of the ways in which people can help protect the environment. It involves the process of dismantling old cars, and re-using parts which may be deemed good. There are a number of benefits to the environment such as reducing the amount of materials in landfill.

Environmental Benefits of auto entsorgung

 auto entsorgung

Many people might ask the question ‘what are the environmental benefits of auto recycling?’ Auto recycling will reduce the hazardous effects which old cars can cause. One of the greatest benefits that auto recycling produces is that in a single ton of steel 2,500 lbs of iron ore are conserved. It also saves 1,400 lbs of coal, and 210 lbs of limestone. What this means is that there will be less need for industrial mining and processing. This will be reflected in a reduction of greenhouse gases, and energy will be conserved.

auto entsorgung

In addition, recycling metals and fluids eliminates the number of materials that would normally be left in landfills. This in turn results in lower chances of oils and fluids being mixed with ground water, which causes contamination. On the whole matter of landfills, in the United States a huge portion of land is devoted to house these unwanted materials. These lands could be put to other uses, such as growing produce and energy crops.

The large amounts of material that are at these sites hold a trillion of kilojoules of energy. If that energy can be recovered, then it will lower the need to burn fossil fuels, which also decreases emissions of greenhouse gases.

The effect that greenhouse gases have on the environment, is that it damages the blanket around the earth, which is there to protect the planet. The fact that the atmospheric blanket is being damaged means a reduced capacity to protect the earth. This is where the phenomenon of global warming comes into effect. It is argued that global warming has the potential to destroy humanity, because of the various spin off effects that come along with it.

It might seem incredible that recycling old cars can prevent such drastic developments, but it does. The amounts of un-recycled materials for automobiles have contributed to the problem. It follows then, that a reverse of this practice can slow the development of these harmful effects. The environmental benefits of auto verschrottung lie in preserving the environment, and all those currently living in it.

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